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Snow Business

Aunt Scarlett has several bird-feeding stations and they, like the pond for the ducks are monitored and kept well-stocked.
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The Story of Swanson

It was clear this swan was in distress; he struggled to walk and had difficulty holding his head up. We had to get him to the barn for protection to save him.
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Swanson meets Shirley

Swanson has been enjoying life here at the farm since he arrived last spring. There are two ponds on the farm; one on either side of the long driveway. Swanson prefers the larger of the two, on the left of the driveway, and has selected it as his regular swimming hole. It could be because this pond is not only larger, but also has
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Swanson’s Dinner

Maybe you remember the in-home fast food fad that started in the mid 1950’s with the creation of the Swanson TV dinners. Made for convenience, these tasty (not so much) meals were boxed in foil-like plates with separate food compartments and went hand-in-hand with television watching. Here at the farm, Swanson’s dinner is also kept in a box for convenience, but it is not
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Happy’s Turf

Happy, our resident Jack Russell Terrier, is the smallest of the three dogs that live here at the farm. Size however is of no consequence to Happy as she roams around believing she is “top dog” and is ready to scrap with any critter that might think otherwise. In fact she is known to exude bully-like behaviour to Sugar, the eldest dog, if allowed. Feisty
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