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Snow Business

Aunt Scarlett has several bird-feeding stations and they, like the pond for the ducks are monitored and kept well-stocked.
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And Then… There Were Goats!

A good many parrots live on the farm and during the good weather they enjoy outdoor flights which they can access through a window in their aviary cages. Similar to the indoor cages the flights are nicely kitted out with branches, toys, swings and nest boxes. Having access to nature in a safe and pleasant setting also encourages breeding behavior. Needless to say, we
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Donkeys Arrive

Two new donkeys arrived today! I ventured out to meet them and they were not the least bit spooked by my scooter. They were friendly but a little shy; although achieving eye contact was tricky with the incognito headgear they were wearing. (OK, I admit… I added the sunglasses – just couldn’t resist). Shelley put the donkeys in the paddock with the two young
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