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Snow Business

Aunt Scarlett has several bird-feeding stations and they, like the pond for the ducks are monitored and kept well-stocked.
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And Then… There Were Goats!

A good many parrots live on the farm and during the good weather they enjoy outdoor flights which they can access through a window in their aviary cages. Similar to the indoor cages the flights are nicely kitted out with branches, toys, swings and nest boxes. Having access to nature in a safe and pleasant setting also encourages breeding behavior. Needless to say, we
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Happy’s Turf

Happy, our resident Jack Russell Terrier, is the smallest of the three dogs that live here at the farm. Size however is of no consequence to Happy as she roams around believing she is “top dog” and is ready to scrap with any critter that might think otherwise. In fact she is known to exude bully-like behaviour to Sugar, the eldest dog, if allowed. Feisty
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