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Spring Swan Saga

It has been a long winter for all of us here at Aunt Scarlett’s farm, but especially so for the two swans, Swanson and Shirley. They have enjoyed staying warm in the barn eating a winter diet of what they refer to as Scarlett’s Swan Salad, but they want to return to the pond and fest on sluggy algae.

The Swans pleaded with their human visitors to please return them to the pond. In fact, Swanson had Shirley do her best Shirley Temple imitation in the hopes of pulling a heartstring or two.

He was told, regrettably it was still too soon and to help convince him he was shown an image of the ice-covered pond. To emphasize his disappointment, he let out a series of loud hisses and wing flaps!

A few days later Swanson heard gossiping amongst the other critters that evidence of spring was beginning to appear. The sheep, donkeys and goats were dancing with delight (literally) that the snow was beginning to melt.

The dogs too were enjoying lovely long walks filled with heavenly smells (that only dogs could love) along the track.

And Sugar Dog in her sporty thunder jacket stood proud savoring the aroma of the moment as she climbed mount manure.

Even local woodpecker’s reported the spotting of a spring bud on a tree nearby their favourite feeder.

Swanson had heard enough! He didn’t want Shirley to be disappointed again, so he advocated their case one last time on his own. He gave an earnest appeal from the bottom of all his feathers and requested another pond image be taken to assess the situation.

The pond was clear of ice and so Swanson won his appeal. The next morning without notice Shelley and Lindsey arrived to escort them back to the pond.


Shelley took control, “Okay you two, unless you want a broom on your butt you better move along!”


Lindsey, Shelley’s sister was on the broom team to hold up the right side of the driveway to keep the swans on track. Good thing they are both pretty fit.


Lindsey was on top of things, “Don’t worry Shelley, I’ll just nip over behind this bush to keep that swan from getting into the paddock!”


“They you go” Shelley said to the swans, “Look to your left, there is your pond.”shelleySwan6_647

“Oh yeah,” Swanson said, “now I see where we are going.”


“Look Shirley” Swanson said with delight, “Our pond! Oh this is so fabulous.”


“It’s wonderful to swim again” Shirley said, “I’ll follow you Swanson.”


“Ahhhh, they both exclaimed!”Swanson10_647

“Now we’re talking” Swanson said. “Thanks Shelley and Lindsey. I won’t forget this… unless you bring those loud lawn mowers near us.”

Swan bliss…..


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