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Summer at the farm

Everything is looking ship shape at the farm these days. The grounds are wonderfully lush green and the ponds are looking especially serene since Kevin gave them a good thrashing!

Throughout the farm we have a wide range of interesting lawn ornaments, such as a Chess Bishop’s horse head, a Bald Eagle and various wild cats.

And now the smaller of the two ponds has shiny decorative farm-like-fixtures. Two rusty antique pieces of farm equipment was beautifully transformed by Jessy with a bit of paint and a lot of elbow grease.

All the critters grow leaps and bounds in the good weather but the parrots really enjoy this time of year being out in their large outdoor flights. This is also when several clutches of parrots are born. The latest and hopefully the last of the clutches for this season are: Greenwing Macaws, Buffwing Macaws and African Grays.

Ruby the female Greenwing Macaw can be seen here in the nest box with one of her babies nearby.


And here is a photo of both parents, Ruby and the male Greenwing Macaw, Molson.

When the babies reach a certain point Aunt Scarlett takes over because it can be a lot of work for the parents, Ruby and Molson, to feed and raise a family. This also helps to socialize the young parrots so they become familiar with people and being handled.

Fraggle and Aly, a pair of Buffwing Macaws, had three fine looking babies. If you would like to know how baby Buffwing Macaws sound then you can listen to the video here. They are very good at letting Aunt Scarlett know when they are hungry!

Faye and Kong, one of the African Gray pairs, have produced many babies over the years and this year was no exception. You can see how Aunt Scarlett’s syringe feeds them in the video here.

It is a busy time for Aunt Scarlett when parrots are born but nonetheless she is always on the look out for baby anything’s. In fact, just today two miniature potbelly piglets arrived!

A cozy area was created for them in the aviary. They have a large cage lined with shavings and straw that allows for funning room. To help them feel secure – the top of an old parrot incubator was placed at the back of the cage and this gives them a private covered area where they can go in and out at will. A soft green rug was placed inside and makes for an inviting snuggle space for the little sisters. You can watch them romp around in the video here.

Meet the tiny potbelly piglets… Aunt Scarlett (on the left) is holding Bonnie (the black piglet) and Kim (on the right) is holding (the pink piglet) Babe!


I’ll report more on them a little later.



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