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Meet some of the folks at Aunt Scarlett’s Farm

This is Aunt Scarlett having her morning coffee, with a “few” of the house pets.

(And yes, this is a cartoon version of a real photograph that was used for my children’s book entitled, you guessed it, Aunt Scarlett’s Farm)

This is a real life photograph of  Aunt Scarlett.


I am known here at the farm as Susie, and I will serve as your resident writer reporting about the wide variety of critters and varied activities that occur here on Aunt Scarlett’s farm.
Here is a photograph of me preparing to mow the lawn, my new favorite pastime.

Check back again soon as I will be adding more photos of the people here on the farm.
It is odd how a camera can generate the same response as ‘fire’; people just scatter, but I’ll catch them unaware at some point.