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Tree Trimming

The long tree-lined driveway at Aunt Scarlett’s farm really took a beating during last winter’s ice storm. In addition to being without hydro, like a LOT of other people, the broken tree branches created a huge mess and in spots could be dangerous. The driveway was in desperate need of some pruning.

To tackle this TALL problem, Kevin, who seems to know how to do most things, could be found wrangling around the top of the trees in a big bucket with his trusty chain saw.

The tree climbing machine, not sure what it is really called, is heavy-duty to say the least and took up most of the driveway when it was in use.

It is a daunting machine whose noise certainly gave Swanson and Shirley something to swoon about during the day. Although, they are so pleased to be back to their pond this intrusive noise did not seem to bother their delight.

However on the other hand, Sugar Dog, the older canine of the crew that wears a thunder jacket, barely wanted to go outdoors, leaving Abby, the German Shepard, to venture on her own.

The pile of tree cuttings being sent to the burn pile grew larger by day.


Fortunately a lot of cuttings will be recycled and used in the parrot’s outdoor and indoor cages. So Kim, the Aviary manager has massive piles to sort through; the parrots will be happy chewing and climbing upon new branches. I suppose for them it would be equivalent to us getting new furnishings.




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