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Snow Business

Aunt Scarlett’s Farm is in Canada and is therefore well acquainted with the challenges of winter. We try to prepare accordingly, however the amount of snowfall and ongoing freezing cold temperatures, this year, has been especially brutal.

Winter is not all bad on the farm, however. The early morning winter sunrises are truly a sight to be seen, but you must be willing to rise early to catch them.


Large open fields surround the farm and as a result wind gusts can create areas that are subject to blowing snow and drifting.

Here are some images from the past few days.




Keeping the driveway, parking areas and walking paths clear is a great deal of work. Fortunately we have team of people who take pride in their snow shovelling efforts. Even Abby the dog is eager to cheer them along!






Of course for areas beyond the buildings, the farm’s snow blower does a wonderful job and is essential at this time of year.



Although, it too, has been overworked this winter, and, has at times, gotten stuck in the process.


Fortunately there is another tractor on the farm to help pull it out of the snow.


The two Llamas who live here are a hardy stock and prefer to stay outdoors, although they are afforded the protection of a large comfortable shed.


The smaller farm critters such as the donkeys, goats, sheep, and two swans are all housed in a cosy barn. All, except for the swans are permitted to wander outdoors into an enclosed pen during the day. Although there have been days when, even that was unwise.

The donkeys are usually first out the door with the sheep and goats not far behind. Of course, they all enjoy munching tasty fresh hay and carrot goodies provided by daily visitors.





The larger dogs enjoyed walks in the fields at the start of the winter but as we move into blustery snowy days their walks are limited to safer walking areas. Happy, the Jack Russell prefers to stay close to home – she is not fond of the cold.


Sugar, the oldest dog of the group has been sporting a jacket of late.


Both dogs are ever ready for a good walk.


Aunt Scarlett is especially mindful of of the farm’s wild ducks and birds. A ‘bubbler’ keeps the smaller pond open for the ducks and corn is also provided to ensure they have enough to eat.


Aunt Scarlett has several bird-feeding stations at the back and front of her home; they are monitored and kept well-stocked.


Following her good example, we also created a bird-feeding station on our front deck this winter.


It quickly became popular with many different bird species, and it is thoroughly enjoyed by our cats, as well!


Despite the cold, there is always much to enjoy here at Aunt Scarlett’s Farm.


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