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Summer at the farm

Everything is looking ship shape at the farm these days. The grounds are wonderfully lush green and the ponds are looking especially serene since Kevin gave them a good thrashing! Throughout the farm we have a wide range of interesting lawn ornaments, such as a Chess Bishop’s horse head, a Bald Eagle and various wild cats. And now the smaller of the two ponds
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Cereal Killer

It is a bit extreme to label a small parrot, and in this case a female Hawk-headed Amazon named Willie, a cereal killer, but we know this to be true. In fact we have it on video. It is however important to note here that we should add, “bowl” to her act of defiance. More specifically, Willie is a cereal bowl killer! For reasons
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Bobblehead Escapes!

The little Quaker parrot named Bobblehead (who constantly bobs her head up and down) escaped from the outdoor cage when Kim opened the door to bring in Walter, the Hawk-headed Amazon. Luckily Bobblehead did not go far but she did spend the night out in the big world. When she returned the next morning Walter was relieved and very pleased. Bobblehead bobbed her little
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Meet Violet

Have you heard the old adage, April showers bring May flowers? Here at the farm we welcome all kinds of interesting creatures from month to month. This May for example we welcomed an entirely new sort of Violet, albeit it is not a flower, we are certain it will bloom as the months unfold. Meet Violet, our newest Hyacinth Macaw Parrot born in April.
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Parrots and Bones

You have likely heard the saying, “give a dog a bone” but here at the farm it would be “give a parrot a bone”. Generally parrots eat nuts, fruits, vegetables and a variety of  seed-like mixes, but here at the farm our parrots also enjoy a wide variety of other tasty offerings. Chicken and turkey (leg) bones are considered a treasured treat, preferably one
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