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Tree Trimming

The long tree-lined driveway at Aunt Scarlett’s farm really took a beating during last winter’s ice storm. In addition to being without hydro, like a LOT of other people, the broken tree branches created a huge mess and in spots could be dangerous. The driveway was in desperate need of some pruning. To tackle this TALL problem, Kevin, who seems to know how to
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Snow Business

Aunt Scarlett has several bird-feeding stations and they, like the pond for the ducks are monitored and kept well-stocked.
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Winter Ice Storm

We expect our winter months here in Canada to be cold and snowy, and at times down right stormy. On milder days when the sun is out and the air is brisk, being at the farm during the winter is like stepping into a scenic Christmas card. Early mornings are especially beautiful. The dogs enjoy a good walk and are not deterred by snow.
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An April Ice Storm

In April, there was a particularly bad ice storm here at the farm. The farm took on a magical look as everything was encased with ice. Unfortunately all this extra weight caused by the ice on the branches was too much for some, causing many branches to crack, break and fall away to the ground with a resounding crash. As there are a great
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